We offer Data Center Solutions in order to clear security issues. We provide the best Data Center performances with most effective resources. Data Center service that allows its customers to create and manage servers, architectures and virtual networks in complete freedom with endless possibilities of expansion or reduction in an absolutely dynamic and simple environment.

We also provide a standardized passive infrastructure optimizes data center operations:

Operations: Data centers are constantly in flux with moves, adds and changes. When technicians are working with a standard infrastructure, they can complete the required tasks much more quickly and easily. In addition, a standardized infrastructure is more cost effective in terms of spare equipment depots and consolidated purchasing.

Reliability: Standardized infrastructure with proper cable management reduces the potential for bent or broken fibers because there’s a proper place for every cable.
Cooling costs: Standardizing on the correct-diameter cabling improves airflow around the active equipment, thereby reducing cooling and power expenses. Power utilization is the largest operational cost in the data center, with cooling costs being the largest portion. If you have smaller-diameter cable and you’re using proper cable management, equipment can “breathe” the way it should. This approach allows you to run CRAC units less, or set the temperature set points higher.